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Passepied Cream Hardcover Notebook

Passepied Cream Hardcover Notebook

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Why it's special: 

  • Ultra-smooth fountain pen friendly paper
  • Stitched lay-flat binding for comfort and durability
  • Japanese linen hardcover for a premium feel
  • Simple design for distraction free writing

The Passepied Hardcover notebook features the smoothest paper we have ever tested. Made by the hundred-year-old Hokuetsu-Kishu Paper Company, Passepied Cream was designed as a book paper with an extremely pleasant hand and a high opacity. This is special ultra-smooth paper is a delight to write on and is fantastic with most types of pens including fountain pens. 

See our paper performance test

Detailed specs:

• 176 pages of 84.3 gsm Passepied Cream paper

• 7mm light gray rule or blank page styles

• Japanese linen hardcover with a French joint

• Stitched binding with 11 signatures

• Woven blue bookmark

• Pink blotter sheet

• Gray end papers

A5 size: 148 mm x 210 mm, 5.83 x 8.27 in

• Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best paper yet?

The linen hardcover was much nicer than expected, the notebook was thinner than I thought for 176 pages, and most of all the paper is great and smooth to write on (tried fountain pens).

No feathering, no bleed-through, and minimal ghosting.

Ordering, pricing, shipping, and delivery were all as promised - including convenient customs process receiving the notebooks here in Scandinavia!

Highly recommended!

If these were 300-400 pages I would use these as my journals. Here is hoping :)

Martin P
Fucking Phenomenal

I am very happy with this product. The build quality is excellent. Starting with the binding, I can't say I've seen anything better. I can easily bend the covers backward to write and it hasn't had any issues. Additionally, the papers lay very flat which is wonderful. It can be very annoying to have to fight against your notebook while writing. The linen cover works fine, no complaints.

Moving on to the paper, I have to say this paper is by far my favorite. For reference, I've hundreds of dollars worth of notebooks; Rhodia, Clairefontaine, TomoeRiver, Mnemosyne, etc. The paper is a good thickness which I like coming in at 85gsm. I haven't noticed any bleeding whatsoever. It is a cream and not bright white.

The shading and sheening is phenomenal, I'd say Cosmo Air Light may be slightly better in that regard, but its difficult to say that for sure. The paper is very smooth when writing, not as much as with Clairefontaine or Rhodia. There is some noise feedback that is very pleasant, not at all scratchy. The ink stays put when I write and lines don't have that tendency to get thicker like they do with other papers

As far as things I'm unhappy about, there isn't anything. Its a specialty product and working in a manufacturing environment I'm aware of the costs associated in relatively small volume products. More page options would be nice, something like a seven milimeter grid would be great, but five would be nice too. More sheets would be great, getting 150-200 would be worth an additional premium (at least for myself).

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and will be purchasing more once I run out. This is clearly a product made by someone who cared about what they were making and it shows.

Gary Veirs
New Favorite Notebook

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this notebook. The covers, the binding, and of course the paper itself are all perfect. I'm so glad I found Blake's YouTube channel and his store. I have spent so much money on inferior notebooks and now the search for my perfect notebook is over.

John H
Checks All The Boxes

This is as close to notebook nirvana as I have come. The paper is what makes it. Smooth but not so coated as some others. No feathering/ bleed-through even with broad italic nibs. Soft on the eyes, well bound with a perfect hard cover. To top it all off a good value for the money. I have spent $200 + on a single notebook in the past. Never going to have to again. I just hope you keep them in stock.

Stephen D
Great cover and paper

Linen cover is better in person than expected and really very very nice. Paper reminds be a little of clarefontaine in how smooth it is, even though the passepied is uncoated. Overall a great notebook.