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our notebooks feature hard-to-find paper from the world's best paper mills. all notebooks are designed with writing comfort in mind and use paper that offers superior performance for all types of pens including fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint, gel pens, and fiber tip pens.

NEW! Tomoe River Hardcover Notebooks

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Experience maximum performance with our 400-page Tomoe River hardcover notebook. Ultra thin and ultra powerful, Tomoe River S handles fountain pens, rollerballs, gel pens, and ballpoints with ease. 

Detailed specs:

  • 400 pages of white 52 gsm Tomoe River S paper
  • A5 size: 148 x 210 x 17.5 mm
  • Stitched binding with 25 signatures
  • Vinyl cloth hardcover
  • Made in Japan

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  • Mitsubishi Bank Paper, bank paper, stack of bank paper, fountain pen friendly paper, paper for fountain pens, Japanese paper

    mitsubishi bank paper

    bank paper features a unique blend of wood pulps and cotton to provide the best writing experience. originally developed in 1960, bank paper is produced in low quantities on vintage equipment at mitsubishi's 100 year old paper factory in takasago, Japan.

  • gmund blocker used in the paper mind blocker notebook for fountain pens

    gmund blocker paper

    newly patented high-opacity paper with unique "blocking" particles blended into 100% virgin wood pulp fiber. the result is a lightweight paper that offers minimal ghosting and exceptional writing comfort. high tech, made in germany.

  • The Paper Mind Passepied Cream Fountain Pen Friendly Notebook Paper open with the word smooth written in black ink with a Montblanc fountain pen

    passepied cream paper

    beautiful book paper with a silky hand and the smoothest writing experience on the market.

  • the paper mind cosmo air light fountain pen friendly notebook paper with sheening shimmering and shading inks and a lamy al-star fountain pen

    cosmo air light paper

    the ultimate sheening and shading paper for fountain pen inks. this micro-coated paper provides a subtle texture while making ink appear extra vivid and bright on the page.

distraction free design

everything you need, nothing you don't. our notebooks are the best place to store your thoughts, dreams, plans, and art.

  • the paper mind Mitsubishi Bank Paper notebook folded 360 degrees being hand in hand with a pilot vanishing point fountain pen in the other hand

    360° of flexibility - bank paper

    not only does our bank paper notebook lay completely flat, it also offers 360 degrees of flexibility for supreme comfort.

  • Mitsubishi Bank paper notebook from paper mind standing up on table open and showing spine of notebook

    coverless spine - bank paper

    we have selected a stitched naked binding covered with bookbinding mesh to ensure maximum flexiblity and strength.

  • the paper mind blocker paper notebook folded over showing the Swiss binding and Gmund blocker paper sheets

    swiss binding - blocker

    this unique binding method attaches the book block to the rear hinge only allowing for an unusual amount flexibility in a hardcover notebook.

  • the paper mind blocker paper hardcover notebook open on a flat surface. the notebook lays flat showing the Gmund blocker paper sheets

    lay flat - blocker

    our blocker notebooks lay completely flat allowing you to focus on writing and/or drawing.

Mitsubishi Bank paper three diamonds watermark, fountain pen friendly paper

three diamonds watermark

bank paper features the "three diamonds" watermark representing the mitsubishi logo, a sign of authentic high-quality bank paper.

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